Wednesday, October 9, 2013

i needed my blog.

when i first decided to start my blog, i needed a hobby.
work wasn't engaging (plus i had one foot out the door),
chris was working ALL the time (insert murderous rage here),
and i didn't have anything to do with all of my free time.
so instead of drowning myself in wine, eating everything in sight, and getting totally lost in terrible tv,
as glorious as that sounds,
i blogged.

suddenly i had lots to do and didn't want to kill chris every time he came home late or worked on the couch all night.
i was writing and coming up with new ideas all the time,
saying whatever i wanted,
putting my life with chris out there in the open (some background on that),
and as cheesy as it is to say… it was exactly what i needed.
it helped me find 'me' again.
it made me reflect on how i felt or what was going on.
it shared all of my exciting news.
it found me friends.

and as much as i love my blog,
i just haven't needed it in the same way lately.
chris is here with me all the time,
we have a completely insane puppy to chase around,
my job is exactly what i wanted to be doing and has really taken off,
i'm busy getting to know sf,
and i'm a lucky, lucky girl for all of my visitors and trips lately.
life is good and full.
i'm a happy girl.

this isn't a goodbye or anything - just some random thoughts!
i'm still trying to figure out where to take my little corner of the internet these days.
for anyone still out there who've had blogs for a long time, how did you do it?  
is this a normal phase?  or am i a lazy bum with a million excuses? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 things i'm pumped about

today is hump day, i'm working from home AND i'm off on friday…
lots to be pumped about today.
i've done my fair share of boohoo-ing and complaining around here lately,
but i do have (and have had) a lot of awesome things going on, too.
here's a little taste -  

1 - going to visit my best friend and the cutest 9 month old i know at the end of september.
last week i booked a flight to south carolina to see my best friend and her ridiculously adorable baby.
i love them SO much and am effing excited to spend a weekend with them.
it's also a week after her 30th birthday so we get to celebrate,
and that makes 18 birthdays we've celebrated together! (also makes us really, really old)

seriously. cannot. handle. the. cuteness.

2 - finally got to meet steph g!
over labor day weekend chris and i got to spend one fabulous day with steph and her husband.
it was a beer-drinking, roof-chilling good time.
unfortunately we suck and took no pictures of us together,
so i guess that means we're just going to have to hang out again??

literally the only picture i took that day.  

3 - levon can do tricks now.
sit, down, shake, stay and more!
he's a smart cookie and learning so fast. 
i'm a proud mama.

4 - chris' parents are here to visit this week.
i love me some visitors (as you'll see since 4 of my 11 things are about people visiting)
and i am so excited to have chris' mom and step-dad here to visit for the next week.
they arrive today and we've got big plans.
good dinner reservations,
thursday night patriots football at a patriots bar,
a sonoma weekend (their first time wine tasting!),
and those are just our plans for their first few days.
they are so much fun and i can't wait to have them here.

5 - two of my favorite dc ladies came to town.
my friends lauren and christi came to visit at the end of august for a long weekend.
which also meant we got to hang out with megan!
it was a blast getting to spend time with good friends, 
and i used it as an excuse to knock some random things off my sf to do list.
exibit a - punch bowls at the tonga room.
do yourself a favor and go there if you're ever in sf - it's fantastically cheesy.

6 - i'm kicking bum at work.
work has been busy in a good way.
after 6 months, i've finally got my feet under me, actually know what i'm doing, and am taking on more.
it was rough going for a while there, but now i'm really happy i stuck it out.
getting lots of recognition and compliments for what i'm doing doesn't hurt either!

7 - i'm starting to figure out our holiday plans, and it's not so bad after all.
i was really stressing about the holidays and how we were going to see everyone.
but we're started putting some plans in place and i'm really happy with how it's shaping up.
my dad, mom and sister are coming to see us for thanksgiving,
and my mom is coming for 5 days in december for our christmas together.
still need to figure out the rest of christmas and seeing my brother,
but we're off to a great start!

8 - my cousin (a.k.a. sister from another mother) is coming in a few weeks.
my cousin allysa and i were inseparable growing up and she's finally coming out here!
our weekend will be filled with copious amounts of wine and ridiculousness and i cannot wait to have her here.

9 - we're bama-bound in october.
both of chris' younger cousins go to alabama and we're headed there for a game at the end of october.
we're renting a house and sharing it with chris' mom, step-dad, aunt and uncle.
and we'll be doing our fair share of tailgating and cheering on the crimson tide against tennessee.
maryland had a good tailgating scene, but i'm pretty sure i ain't seen nothing like bama - can't wait.
roll tide!

10 - we're all caught up with breaking bad.
monday night we watched the most recent episode (hoooly crap - talk about a nail biter!),
and are ready to join the rest of the world watching live on sunday night.
this means we've watched over 50 episodes in the last 2 months…
now you see why i've really been so 'busy'!

11 - it's summer in sf!
i didn't think it would ever happen… but summer has arrived.
a sunny, warm, not humid summer.
it is glorious.
with the warmer weather we've been super fortunate to do some awesome things lately, too.
watching movies outside in the park and eating dinner on the beach by the golden gate bridge, to name a few. 
sure my brain/body are incredibly confused watching you all pin pictures of pumpkins and fall,
but i'll enjoy my summer nonetheless. 

tops the list of most memorable things i've done in a long time.

 and there you have it.
see?  i'm not THAT much of a grump after all.
lots to be thankful for - it's a good life.

Insert Classy Here - Gratitude

Friday, September 6, 2013

i'm just sayin' - public transportation edition

before moving to sf, i was NOT a public transportation girl.
dc had a fine metro/subway system - but i wanted no part of it.
i never stepped foot on a bus in dc.
i drove everywhere and cabbed whenever i wasn't driving (read: drinking).

but now i have become a regular bus rider.
i ride the bus twice a day and let me tell you… i see some shit.
it is ridiculous.
there are the commuter buses, the chinatown buses (my bus), the dirty stinky homeless buses, you name it.
every day is an experience.
and these experiences give me a whole lot to talk about.

i'm just sayin…

it is crushing to stand on a corner and watch full buses pass you by.
you get ready for work, decide you might even get there early, and then stand on the corner.
and stand, and stand...
as the buses approach, you walk up, happy to finally be getting on - only to be turned away.
20 mins later you're still standing there, now sure to be late to work, with frizzy hair.

my corner where i wait and wait and wait...

if you're already on the bus, you better move your ass to let more people on.
it is infuriating to be standing on a corner being refused by a bus (see above),
and then see that the whole back of the bus is empty.
the bus driver might not be able to see it, but i can.
i'll be the one on the corner with the frizzy hair giving you the stink eye.

brush your teeth, wear deodorant, and turn down your headphones.
while we're all crammed here in this tiny space - i'd really appreciate you making it as painless as you can.
i shouldn't really have to ask you to brush your teeth or wear deodorant (we're all adults here),
but it is WAY too early for eminem.

a not-so-crowded day on the bus

getting off a full bus has to be what it feels like to be a baby being born.
i get serious anxiety as my stop approaches - i know what is about to happen.
i'm going to get up and say excuse me 55 times while people move less than a centimeter,
then i push and shove, slipping and sliding through a sea of humans,
 until i burst out of the doorway onto the sidewalk and into freedom.

man it feels good to get back to i'm just sayin'.
hope you all have great weekends - we have no real plans, just taking it easy.
look out for a post next week about some of the other fun things i've been up to lately
(it hasn't all been puppy duty and working!).
see you next week!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

i'll do what i can.

i'm sure it's not lost on anyone that i haven't exactly been very present around here lately.
that is if there are still any of you showing up!
read my last post about why i've been m.i.a. for all of my excuses… they're pretty much all still true.

whenever i get behind on posting i feel all guilty.
missing so many days makes me feel like i'm failing at this whole blog thing.
people ask me why i haven't written anything lately.
the more all of this happens, the more i decide i just won't write anything at all until i can really do it right.

but i've realized there is no 'right' way to do this.
writing sometimes is better than never writing anything at all. 
i love this blog.
i love all of you who read it.
why should i let that go just because i can't do it with the frequency i did before?

i can't write 5 posts a week like i used to.
i can't promise i won't disappear on you from time to time.
i can't say i'll always reply to your comments or comment on your blogs.

but i'll do what i can.

that's all i know and all i can promise. 
hope you'll stick around!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

san francisco - 6 months already?

this past sunday marked 6 months since we arrived in san francisco.
six months. 
where did the time go??
somehow it feels like we just got here yesterday and we've been here forever at the same time.

before we left dc, i wrote this post about what excited me and scared me about moving here.
i'm happy to say that my list of things that excited me couldn't have been more spot on -
they are some of the best things about living here.
it has been an amazing fresh start in a really incredible city.
just being here makes me happy.

my list of things that scared me was a little less accurate.
sure the flights are insanely expensive,
there is poop all over the streets (which we contribute to now),
and public transportation is an adventure every. single. day.
but i didn't have to fight anyone for our apartment that i am SO in love with,
and meeting friends wasn't as bad as i thought it would be either.

today though, is about the things i didn't know 6 months ago.

things i didn't know would bug me, but they do.

the weather
everyone keeps telling me that september and october will be amazing, but this 'summer' has sucked.
my brain has no idea what time of year it is since every day feels like fall.
don't get me wrong, i love fall - but i miss sundresses and not having to wear a jacket everywhere i go.

the abundance of homeless people
good god.
i had NO idea how many homeless people there were here.
it is crazy, and unfortunately many of them are pretty crazy themselves.
there's also a large population of people where i can't tell if they are actually homeless or just dirty.
sometimes it makes for great entertainment (see below), but it is also sad and a strange thing about this city.
apparently they like the weather better than i do...

having to really plan out vacations and trips
dudes, i am freaking out about this.
i knew flights would be expensive and i was ok with that,
but i didn't think about vacation time and the sheer effort involved in flying across the country.
it's just not possible to see people as much as we used to,
and i feel like i need a forecast of travel plans for the next 2 years to make it work.
i'm hoping we'll figure something out, but ugh.

 things i didn't know i'd love.

 the views
they are unreal and they are everywhere.
walk around the corner or up a hill and you're bound to see something beautiful.
i knew it was pretty here, but didn't know just how much of it i'd get to see on a daily basis.

not working like a dog
it's not like the east coast here.
people work to live, they don't live to work.
it was a tough adjustment at first, but it has been pretty amazing to really have a life.

the pacific time zone
this is one i actually thought i wouldn't like, but i love it.
when i wake up at 6am every day (thanks, levon) i always tell myself it is 9am on the east coast,
and then i feel like i've slept in.

chances are you probably haven't heard of lyft.
it's a car service where regular joes sign up with left to drive their cars around and offer people rides.
it's usually cheaper than a cab and they bill you through the app on your phone like with uber.
the difference is it is supposed to be fun and personal.
you sit in the front seat, you fist bump when you get in/out, you actually talk to the driver.
when i got here i thought it was the creepiest thing ever
um hello, why don't i just ASK to be kidnapped?
but it is really pretty sweet.
plus, their cars have big fuzzy pink mustaches.
i'm almost exclusively a lyft girl now!

constant entertainment on the streets
oh lawd.
you ain't seen nothin' till you've walked the streets of san francisco.
chris and i saw a man acting like he was swimming down the street the other day.
i've seen an old fat man in teeny shorts rollerblading the embarcadero,
 with a boom box on his shoulder and a tiny teacup dog running with him.
more than a few people have flashed me their 'parts'.
grown adult women in suits ride kids' scooters to work.
it is actually insane how many weirdos different kinds of people can live here together.
i regularly shake my head and laugh to myself walking around here at the absurdities.
as they say, only in san francisco.

i absolutely love it here and i'm so glad we did this.
can't wait to see what i think after another 6 months!